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Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization is very actively, aggressively and assertively working on programs which could bring a healthy and vigorous change in the lives of the disadvantaged community members.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization has selected and implemented following programs and projects for the growth, enlargement and expansion of community member capabilities so that they may break the cycle of poverty and oppression, by earning their living in a dignified manner and to accomplish our aim and objective we managed to start;


i. Women Vocational Skill Training Program;


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization believes that women are also a useful human being, if they are provided equal opportunities to get education and skills. The management of organization managed to provide skill training to women, so that they could become a helping and earning hand for the family. We are sure that our efforts will help them to gain respect and honor in the family as well as in the society.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization believes that a skillful person will always remain economically stable and lead a trouble free life. Keeping in sight the importance and significance of Skill Training, Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization managed to start Three Women Development and Vocational Skill Training Centres at Phoklian Bajwat, Daska, and in Sialkot.


The Women Development and Vocational Training Centres are providing skills of Stitching of cloths, gloves, Sewing, Cutting, Needle Work, Embroidery, Making Sofa Backs, Bed Sheets, Block Printing, & Knitting. Women Vocational Centres are also providing Beautician training to young girls, widows, and married women.


The Women Development & Vocational Training Centres are equipped with latest machines, i.e. sewing, knitting, Juki and embroidery machines and quality make-up kits and equipment. The Centres are equipped with quality furniture and all other necessary accessories were provided to the students, so that they could learn skills without any stoppage and obstruction. It is also a credit for the organization who has hired qualified and well experienced staff to teach and instruct, which is a blessing for the centre and students is as well.


ii. Computer Training;


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization is providing Computer Management, & Operation Training to young girls who are literate but don't have financial resources to get such an expensive training.


The Centres were started with the request and appeal of community members especially living in far flung areas of district Sialkot. The families supported through this program are very poor and cannot provide such useful and beneficial training to their girls.


The organization carried out a survey of the area which revealed that these children are capable and competent to get computer training which will really help them to become skillful and later a earning hand for the families.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization with the help and support of its donors managed to equip the Computer Centres with latest equipment and accessories. The students are being instructed by qualified and trained staff who are professional in there field. The organization has tried to maintain a safe and protected environment for the female students which helped in increasing the number of students.


iii. Beautician Training;


Beautician Training is also a skill which is mostly being learned by illiterate and less educated females, but its training is very expensive and is only available in major cities of Sialkot region. Females living in rural areas having interest in learning the skills appealed the management of Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization to start Beautician Training within the Women Development Centres. Keeping in sight the need and demand of the people and interest of young girls, the management of the organization with the help and support of its well wishers provided the facility of Beautician Training within the Women Development Centres. Qualified and well trained staff is providing training to the enrolled students.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization is very confident that skill training i.e. Vocational, Computer and Beautician training has reached nearly 500-females of different age, group directly, in which a good number of females are being employed by stitching units, offices and schools in Sialkot and they are earning a income in a dignified and honorable manner.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization is satisfied with the efforts of making women and young girl skillful, rather making them dependent on others. We are confident that you will positively join hands with our organization and will work actively for the development and growth of women and young girls of our country.



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