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Education is the most effective and useful tool to develop, equip and uplift the community, but due to lack of attention and interest towards getting education, forced community backwards, which proofed to be damaging for the growth of a literate and tolerant society. There are certain evil thoughts and believes being practices in the society that educating a female is a wastage of resources, therefore, all the affection and resources of family are directed towards educating a male, consequently, we will attempt and challenge to break these untrue thinking. Rose Human Rights Welfare organization has started a worthy project called Literacy For All in rural and urban slum areas of District Sialkot.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization is promoting the importance of education among boys and girls. The organization has organized various awareness programs in rural and urban slum areas and motivated community members to get education and especially motivated parents to send their girls and boys to get education, as it is the only possible way out from poverty and together we all can bring this change in our society.


To shoulder the financial burden of poor families/parents and to encourage children to get education Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization started helping deserving children who are struggling to continue their education by supplying them Course Books, Copies, Stationary, School Bags, School Uniform, and Shoes and fee as well.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization over the past seven years has managed to support 100-Boys and 100-Girls on regular basis to continue their education, which is a huge achievement for the organization. We are very thankful to our supporters and well wishers who are donating funds for the most deserving and needy children to get education and become a useful citizens of Pakistan.


Adult Literacy Program;


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization started literacy classes for adults who failed to get education. These Adult Literacy Classes are helping adults to read, write and do daily calculations easily, and at later stage they cannot be cheated by others easily.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization is very thankful to its donors who actively contributed for the beginning of Adult Literacy Classes for Women and Men of all ages. At first we have 20-male and 20-female adults attending the classes, but as the time passes the number of students increased incredibly to 50-each, which is a huge achievement for the organization.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization is very positive to start a Primary School for children living in rural areas where schools are not available. We are confident that as time passes we will expand our Literacy Project in main city of Sialkot, Pasrur, Daska, and Sumberial in order to target a large number of community members who are interested to get education, but due to their poor financial condition they are unable to get education or send their children to schools.


We hope that one day each Pakistani will get education which is the only way out from many problems. We have set our focus on the famous saying, "That If you Educate a Male you Educate an Individual and if you Educate a Female you Educate a Family or Nation", therefore, we are very positive in encouraging females to get education and hopefully we will succeed in our endeavors of a Literate Pakistan very soon!



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Together we are Spreading Peace & united to Eliminate Discrimination from the Society!

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