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Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization is very much concerned for the Proper Health Care of community members especially Women and Children who are facing most of the difficulties. Proper Health Care facilities in rural areas of Sialkot-Pakistan is a huge problem, there are Health Units, but they are under staffed and lack of Medical Equipment and shortage of Doctors has further made the lives of the patients miserable. There is also a chance for villagers to get treatment from quacks, who are playing with the lives of people ruthlessly and mostly un-checked by any competent authority.


The mortality rate during and after pregnancy is increasing day by day, as birth attendants are un-educated and lacks professional training which is causing problems for women and children and lot of precious lives has been lost.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Foundation believes that it is the Basic Right of All the citizens of Pakistan to get proper health care facilities, but limited resources available with the Government, convinced and motivated private sector / civil society organizations to assist people to get treatment of various diseases.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization with the help and guidance of its Executive Members and Support of Gracious Donors is providing health care facilities to poor and needy families by starting;




Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization managed to organize a small scale dispensary which is providing healthcare facilities to the community members living in the region of Daska, Pasrur and Sumberial-Sialkot. These small dispensaries are providing medical facilities to rural community members, and serious cases are referred to Government Hospitals for proper cure and the expenses occurred is being paid by the organization.


Free Medical Camps;


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization also managed to organize Free Medical Camps for the poor and deserving community members living in far flung rural and urban slum areas of district Sialkot. The organization invited qualified and well renowned Doctors and Para Medical Staff to conduct these Free Medical Camps. Medicines were provided at low cost from pharmaceutical companies, which is a massive relief and support for the organization to assist the poor and deserving families easily. During the free medical camps people were provided medicines for the cure of malaria, cure of stomach diseases, skin diseases, sever fever, patients with open wounds were given proper medicines and dressing material for cure, pregnant women were given medicines, injections and were informed about the importance of Breast Feeding, tips on family planning and preventive measures to protect oneself from getting infected by HIV/AIDS virus, Sugar & Hepatitis Test, Eye Check-ups and many other useful tips were shared with the patients to protect and prevent them from various fatal disease.


Health Awareness Programs;


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization also managed to organize Proper Health Care Awareness Programs for Men, Women and Children. During these programs children were given vaccines with the support of various Hospitals free of cost. During the awareness programs the importance of breast feeding, family planning, prevention from HIV/AIDS, personal hygiene and cleanliness was discussed and talked about in various sessions. Women were given special health care tips by the resource persons to examine their bodies on regular basis and if they feel any suspicious change, they immediately visit near by hospital for proper check up and cure.


The organization also managed to organize Awareness Campaign for the prevention from Dengue Fever. Spray sessions for killing the dengue mosquito were also conducted in order to prevent people from getting infected by the dengue fever.


The organization is very thankful to the district administration for providing all there support in organizing Free Medical Camps, Health Awareness Program in rural and slum areas of district Sialkot without any breakage and trouble. Social Welfare Department, Sialkot equally contributed their part in making the Free Medical Camps, and Health Awareness Program successful and helpful for the needy and deserving people.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization is very positive to continue its Health Care Programs, especially for Women and Children who really need help and assistance. We are very eager to organize a Maternity and Health Centre along with Ambulance Service and Mobile Dispensary for the deserving community members living in rural areas of Sialkot!



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