Awareness Programs

Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization believes that All Human Beings belonging to various religions, creed, color, caste and sex are equal Human Beings and have the right practice his religion without any fear and apprehension and may lead a respectable and honorable life.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization is actively working for the promotion and protection of Human Rights in Sialkot-Pakistan by organizing Awareness Programs for the public to recognize, give value and defend each others rights so that this world and region may become a peaceful and violence free place to live inn.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization is anxious to promote and protect Women Human Rights as well in Sialkot-Pakistan. Women in our part of the world are facing some serious issues and trouble concerns due to illiteracy and adaptation of evil practices which has made their lives miserable and depressing.


The organization is trying its best to organize, arrange, coordinate programs and activities in which women are being provided complete protection and safeguard from the evil practices of the society. The organization has established close relation with the Women Dar-ul-Aman Centre in Sialkot, where destitute and troubled women are provided shelter, legal Aid and support and skill training as well in order to make them economically independent.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization provide financial support to these troubled women and so far the organization has managed to help, assist and promoted a large number of women who have now gone back to normal routine life and homes as their disputes are being solved with the intervention and brilliant inter-personnel skills by the Founder and President Mohammad Ashfaq Nazar.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization is working for the promotion and protection of Children Rights as they are facing lot of problems. The organization is trying its best to organize Awareness Programs and Discussion Sessions with the general public and school, college management to protect and promote Children Rights to get Education, Food, Healthcare, Shelter, Clean Drinking Water, Recreation and a Friendly Environment in which they grow without any fear and worry.


The Organization is also trying its best to promote and protect Rights of General Public who are facing lot of problems in shape of Law & Order, Equal Business Opportunities, Consumer Rights, and Speedy Justice. The organization has formed various groups who are working day and night to help, assist and support the people deprived from its rights. The local administration of District Sialkot is positively help, assisting the organization in achieving its aims and objectives of promoting, protecting, publicize the Human Rights.


Religious Harmony


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization believes that all religious minorities living in Sialkot-Pakistan has equal right to exercise and practices their religious activities without any fear and trouble. The organization believes that by participating and sharing each other religious programs and festivals we can create Peaceful and Tolerant Society in Sialkot-Pakistan.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization organized various Inter Religious Harmony Programs in Sialkot in order to build peace among different religious communities living in Sialkot-Pakistan. The organization has established cordial and friendly relationship with all the religious communities living in Sialkot-Pakistan, i.e. Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs & Christian etc. The organization has joined various networks of civil society organization, NGOs and CBOs who are actively working to bring various religious communities together at one platform so that Peace, Justice and Tolerance can be restore again and different communities may live together happily and joyfully.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization executive members and generous donors as a pleasant gesture equally participate in religious programs and festivals i.e. Eid, Christmas, Easter, Diwali and Holi and exchange gifts with children and senior people as a token of love, care and respect of all as Equal Human Beings.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization also organizes various discussion and debate programs among children and youth of various religions in Sialkot. These programs proofed to be very helpful and informative for all the participants and presenters as all of them manage to get and exchange information with each other about their religions. We believe that through such useful activity we can generate a sense of respect and honor among people about all the religions practices in Sialkot-Pakistan and elsewhere.


It is our Hope that Together We Will Succeed in Creating Peace and Harmony!



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Together we are Spreading Peace & united to Eliminate Discrimination from the Society!

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