Relief Activities

Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization believes that it is impossible to stop and fight with natural calamities and disasters, but it is possible to help and assist the affected people to restart their lives again by forgetting what hurtful act has happened with them in the past.


Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization and its Executive Members, Generous Supporters and Well Wishers are always ready and prepared to help, assist, and console people during the times of sudden natural calamities and disasters.


During the Water Floods in the Year 2010 and 2011 the organization managed to reach the disaster hit places as soon as the News Channels and News Papers broke the news that water floods has ruthlessly caused sever damage to the people by washing away all the standing crops, live stock being drowned, and properties are damaged in flood stricken areas and villages. The staff and executive members along with the Founder and President Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization ran for the rescue of flood affected families.


In first instance the affected families were provided shelter in near by Government School buildings and places where water has not reached or caused serious damages. In few cases families were provided tents with the help and assistance of Government departments and civil society organizations.


In second phase medical facilities was provided to the affected families and special attention was given to older people, children and pregnant women. The families were provided medicines, health care kits, and free medical check-ups from specialist Doctors and attended by professional para medical staff. The Rose medical team provides safe and secure child delivery services through trained mid-wives at Relief Camps.


In third phase supply of clean drinking water, food items i.e. Flour, Cooking Oil, Rice, Tea Leaves, Salt, Lentils, Spices, match boxes and Kerosene Oil and clothes were distributed among the flood affected families.


In fourth phase the most affected and distress families were provided opportunities to reestablish their livelihood activities. Some families were given seeds for the cultivation of Wheat, Rice and Vegetables and few families were given Goats, Chickens to use them to generate income which they could use to buy food for their family members. The organization also distributed construction material to a limited number of families to re-build and repair their damaged houses in order to get shelter.


The organization is very fortunate that it has a group of people who are always ready to sacrifice their resources given to them by the Almighty for the people in need and during the floods of 2010-2011 their love with the people of Pakistan was at its peak when they contributed generously and munificently. We are very hopeful that when ever such unpleasant natural calamities and disasters comes our members and well wishers will be the first one to help and rescue the affected families.


May the Blessing of Almighty upon all those who help the helpless!




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