Founder Member & President

I am working hard for the last 23 years for the Welfare of the Poor & deserving people. It is my firm belief that even with limited resources we are capable to deliver the best and many deserving can grow. I am not helping the poor with mere interest only but it is my passion to help and uplift the poor. Me & my team members are well informed about the problems & adversities of the poor, because we are closely connected with them and we know their problems and we consider to solve them with complete responsibility and accountability.


Rose Human Rights Organization is in fact organized to give relief to the poor who are living in adverse and neglected situation due to poor financial condition. The organization wishes to organize and create proper health care facilities for the poor & needy people.


Furthermore, we facilitate deserving students by distributing school uniforms, bags, notebooks, school fees & other educational expenses. The organization primary focus is to assist and help parents who can't afford their children education expenses due to poor financial earnings. The parents wish that their children may become good citizen and an effective and vibrant tool in nation building.


The organization wish that brotherhood must be restored and establish in the society. Peace & law should prevail in the society so that it could move towards prosperity and tolerance. This all could happen if we all play our important role in ending ignorance & defeating poverty. We believe that this is the right moment to take steps so that we can end poverty, anarchy, corruption & ignorance.


Inshallah, Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization will continue supporting deserving & poor families to get health care, because it is our duty to serve the suffering humanity. Serving deprived & poor people is most virtuous duty in front of Allah. That's why we are dedicated to serve humanity. Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization has made it clear that we don't believe on verbal commitments & exaggeration, but on proactive actions. We'll inshallah, keep doing this unless we get success in our endeavors. We have dedicated ourselves to serve humanity.


Thanking You;

Mohammad Ashfaq Nazar

Founder Members & President


Together we are Spreading Peace & united to Eliminate Discrimination from the Society!

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